12 07, 2020

Our pets in their twilight years

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Our pets are now living healthier and longer lives than ever before. However just like us humans, our pets present similar age-related changes as they grow older.

5 06, 2020

Let’s ease the pains of aging

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As we enter the winter months this year, many of our dogs will start to feel worsening of their aches and pains due to arthritis.

18 02, 2020

Top Tips: Training your puppy

By |February 18th, 2020|Dogs|0 Comments

Taking on a new puppy can be in equal parts exciting and daunting. A badly behaved puppy will soon turn into a not-so-well behaved dog, which can have serious consequences. We’ve compiled a list of Top Tips, to help steer you in the right direction when training your puppy.

9 02, 2020

Top Tips: Staying safe in the summer

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We have all been feeling the heat lately, including our pets. Here are some safety tips to help our pets get through summer.

2 02, 2020

The story of little Molly – why having pet insurance paid off in a big way!

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A very unfortunate event, just before Christmas has turned into a long but successful recovery for little Molly, a gorgeous Pomeranian cross puppy.

Tracey arrived with Molly at our Tauranga clinic entrance just as our doors were opening at 8 am – a few days out from Christmas.

Molly had jumped out of Tracey’s arms as she was putting her down, but landed in a funny way when she did so. “She let out a yelp

23 01, 2020

Great recovery follows surgery – with a bit of help from a fellow canine

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Cooper came to us before Christmas in not very good shape, however we are pleased to report that after a big surgery and a bit of help from a fellow canine he is back to his normal self.

1 12, 2019

Top tips: Dental Health in cats and dogs

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Just like us, our pets are at risk of dental disease. Plaque (the furry feeling on our teeth) is a bacterium that grows and if left on the teeth it calcifies and turns rock hard into tartar. On average 80% of cats and dogs have a degree of dental disease by the age of 3 years.

1 11, 2019

Keep pets happy and calm this Guy Fawkes

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Guy Fawkes can certainly be an enjoyable event, however this time of year can also be a very traumatic time for our pets, there’s no doubt about that.

15 10, 2019

Back to back emergency C-sections make for a busy day at the office

By |October 15th, 2019|Dogs, Sheep, Uncategorized|0 Comments

It was all hands on deck on Tuesday last week, with not one but two emergency C-Sections performed successfully in the space of a couple of hours. The lives of both the animals (a sheep and a Rottweiler cross) depended on the emergency C-sections and it’s fair to say what started as a relatively quiet Tuesday morning turned into a very unique situation.

29 09, 2019

Early socialisation of puppies

By |September 29th, 2019|Dogs|0 Comments

Early socialisation is vital to ensure a balanced and well-behaved adult dog – current thinking is that many young dogs are put down because of behavioural problems that could be prevented by early socialisation.

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