Production Animal Care

At Tauranga Vets, our commitment to keeping animals healthy in the Bay of Plenty has a storied history, dating back to the region’s first veterinary service in the early 1940s.

We’ve grown to become the largest Veterinary provider in the Western Bay of Plenty, boasting five integrated clinics staffed by a team of highly skilled and experienced Veterinarians, some of whom are farmers themselves. We intimately understand your agricultural business and your challenges throughout the farming calendar.

Production Animals Vet Tauranga

Supporting Your Farm’s Success

We’re not just your Veterinarians; we’re an invaluable extra pair of hands during crucial times like calving and lambing. Our expertise helps identify areas of improvement in animal health on your farm. You can enhance production and financial returns at the farm gate by getting the fundamentals right.

Our Comprehensive Services Include:

Production Animals Vet Services Tauranga

Veterinary Services

We offer a complete range of Veterinary services, including general medicine and surgery for sick or injured animals.


Our expertise extends to calving and lambing, ensuring a smooth process for your livestock.

Prescription Medicines

We provide prescription and dispensing of animal remedies tailored to your needs.

Herd Health

Our consultancy covers herd production, mating, mastitis, nutrition, lameness, support for young stock, and trace element and mineral advice.

Veterinary Products

We competitively supply Restricted Veterinary Medicines and exclusive animal health products such as worm drenches, ectoparasiticides, mineral supplements, metabolic treatments, electrolytes, and animal equipment.

On-Farm Veterinary Service

We bring our services to your farm, offering various solutions, from ultrasound pregnancy testing to reproductive advice and blood sampling.

Equine Animals:

Expert Care for Your Horses

Our Equine Care division provides first-opinion medicine and ambulatory services to our community across Tauranga and the Western Bay. Our team of experienced Large Animal Veterinarians, with additional training in Equine, ensures your horse receives timely and compassionate care.

What We Offer for Your Equine Needs:

Medical and Surgical Expertise

We handle equine medical and surgical issues with care and efficiency. Our industry connections allow us to offer affordable referrals to equine specialists when in-depth treatment is required.
Production Animals Vet Tauranga obstetrics

Preventative Health Programs

Tailored wellness, dental, vaccination, and parasitic programs to keep your horse healthy.

Production Animals Vet Tauranga equestrian supplies

Equestrian Supplies

Our clinics in Tauranga, Te Puna, and Katikati stock a range of veterinary-exclusive wormers, shampoos, and nutritional supplements.

Production Animals Vet Tauranga comprehensive care

Comprehensive Services

From illness and lameness consultations to reproductive services, we offer your horses a complete range of services.

Advanced Equipment

We employ portable digital radiography, ultrasonography, endoscopy, dentistry, and more to ensure top-notch care.
Production Animals Vet Tauranga available for emergencies

24/7 Availability

Our after-hours service is always ready to assist.

Equine Facilities

We provide access to dedicated equine facilities for safely handling and examining horses.

Specialist Network

Benefit from our close working relationship with referral equine clinics when necessary.

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