April 7, 2023

Top Tips:  How to transition your pet’s food

Written by Te Puna Vet Nurse Michelle Dickens

Nutritional requirements of your cat or dog can change during the course of their lifespan.

Perhaps your puppy is getting older, or perhaps they have been diagnosed with a health issue. Maybe you are looking to switch to a more premium food or a different brand, or maybe your pet is just getting older and needs something that better fits their changing nutritional needs.

It is important that you switch their food gradually. Switching food too fast can lead to tummy troubles or gastro problems.

To transition, we advise doing this over a period of 7 days. Some pets may need a longer time (especially cats).

You do this by mixing your pets original food with the new.

  • Day 1+2 adding 25% new food to original
  • Day 3+4 adding 50% new food to original
  • Day 5+6 adding 75% new food to original
  • Day 7 onwards 100% new food


Always ensure your pet has clean fresh water available.

If you would like any nutritional advice for your pets, please give us a call or pop into one of our clinics.