January 15, 2023

Top Tips: How to support your pet’s joint health

Written by Tayla at our Te Puna Clinic

With these cooler months slowly settling in, it is common for your elder dog or cat to start showing signs of joint discomfort – but what can be done to help?

Tauranga Vets are now stocking a new over the counter support supplement Antinol to offer continuous support for your animal’s joints.

What is it?

This great new anti-inflammatory supplement was first introduced to us in 2021 and has since helped many of our amazing clients and their beloved animals live a more comfortable life. Antinol is crafted from New Zealand Green lipped muscle sourced locally in Nelson, NZ using a state-of-the-art extraction process where no heat is involved. PCSO-524® is the name of the marine lipid oil and is mixed with Vitamin E and olive oil earning its title of being 100% natural.

How do I know if my animal requires Antinol?

Antinol can be used for a multitude of reasons relating to joint and bone health, from extra support for animals on monthly synovan injections/carprofen tablets to animals struggling with partial cruciate tears. However, signs your furry friend might need some extra joint support can be quite simple – i.e., limping after a long walk/run, taking longer to get up in the morning/after a nap or not being able to jump on top of the sofa effortlessly anymore.

Our dedicated, educated team here at Tauranga, Katikati, Te Puna and Papamoa Village vets are always willing to chat about what is right for your pet’s needs – so if your pet needs some extra support, come on down and chat with our friendly staff!

Can’t tablet your animal? Not a problem!!

Antinol is encapsulated with a beef gelatine capsule which makes it easier to tablet your pet. However, if this is still a struggle or your animal has sensitivities to beef, don’t worry! Antinol has been created to allow consumers to pierce the film and sprinkle it over your pet’s meal.

Alternatively, our skilled nurses have a few extra tricks up our sleeve to help you tablet your animal at home.

  • You can mix the tablet into wet food at breakfast/dinner time.
  • Syringe water into mouth after tableting.
  • Blow on nose and rub throat to encourage animal to swallow.
  • Open contents of the packed away from animal – the sight and sound of the packaging can cause your animal to bolt.
  • Purchase special pill pockets over the counter to hide the pill.
  • Give with favourite treat – cheese, yoghurt or peanut butter.
  • Keep em’ coming technique – Give your animal 2-3 treats, followed immediately by the pill, followed immediately again with another treat.

Alternatively, our nurses are more then happy to demonstrate in clinic for you to do at home!

My animal is already on medication – will this interfere?

If you are ever unsure, please give any of our 4 branches a call prior to use or come on down and see our lovely team.

Antinol is stocked at all 4 clinics and is available in both 60 and 180pks. For directions of use, please consult your local clinic.