July 19, 2023

Pet Insurance for your cat or dog?

Our pets are beloved members of our family, so it is only natural we want to provide the best possible care for them, especially when they are unwell. However, as more advanced veterinary diagnostic tests, treatments and procedures become available, the cost of providing care is increasing. Having pet insurance will reduce financial stress when a pet is unwell. It also gives you peace of mind. Tauranga Veterinary Services recommend pet insurance for all our clients. We believe that insuring your pet’s health is considered being a responsible pet owner as well as an investment into their future. Often hard decisions must be made due to the lack of current finances and treatment is paused or discontinued or even leads to the decision to euthanise.

Why Pet Insurance?

Unfortunately in New Zealand, Vet clinics operate with no government subsidy but provide a similar standard of professional medical service for our animals that we as humans would receive from our own medical care. Due to the lack of public knowledge of what occurs within a vet clinic and the expensive specialist machines they rely on, it is often a shock to a new or old pet owner to discover the cost of their pet’s emergency surgery, tooth extraction or even routine surgery.

What’s on offer?

Pet insurance is becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand. Currently there is choice of a five pet insurance providers, however this is likely to change. AA Pet Insurance, Southern Cross, PD, Pet Plan, and Pet-n-sure. Pet insurers typically offer three policy types – accident only, a medium plan and a premium plan and we encourage clients to always check the small print.  It is easier and cheaper in most cases to take out insurance when a pet is young and healthy so it has no ‘pre-existing’ conditions that will not be covered.  We also recommend ensuring pet’s basic healthcare is kept up to date (e.g. vaccinations, flea and worm treatments) as a lapse in these can sometimes cause a claim to be declined.

Moneyhub.co.nz has great resources for comparing insurance companies.