March 10, 2023

Back to back emergency C-sections make for a busy day at the office

It was all hands on deck on Tuesday last week at our Cameron Road clinic, with not one but two emergency C-Sections performed successfully in the space of a couple of hours.

The lives of both the animals (a sheep and a Rottweiler cross) depended on the emergency C-sections and it’s fair to say what started as a relatively quiet Tuesday morning turned into a very unique situation.

Meme (the ewe) was brought into the clinic when her concerned owners noticed she was unwell. Vet Dr Kate Heller with assistance from Vet Technologist Shontelle Thomas were quick to admit her and sedate her, allowing her to relax.

“It’s not often we perform emergency C-sections on a ewe,” says Shontelle. “Especially rare to do so in a clinic environment, where Meme was able to be monitored closely (unlikely out in the field),” she adds.

Kate was able to successfully open Meme’s uterus and extract three lambs. Unfortunately one had to be euthanased due it a deformed jaw and being unable to suckle.

Meme going home

Both surviving lambs – named Coco and Chanel – were able to be fed Meme’s colostrum, and after lots of attention from staff were able to walk out of the clinic in good health. We have been told all three of them are doing well and just like Meme, Coco and Chanel will be family pets.

We are so pleased of this positive outcome for Meme and her family, it’s obvious she’s a much loved member of their family and “more of a dog than a sheep” type of animal we are told!

Coco & Chanel going home

Around the same time we had the owners of Roxy the Rottweiler cross bring her into the clinic. Roxy (who was adopted a few months ago) was labouring, having already birthed one puppy, however it was clear a emergency C-Section needed to be performed as no progress was being made.

Vet Dr Tony Austwick says that although Roxy was in a stable condition when she came in, she would have deteriorated if left to labour alone any longer.

Unfortunately not all the puppies survived, however the ones that did, were able to be released home in good condition. Her owners say they are thriving and have almost doubled in size since being born a week ago! Roxy was up on her feet as she left the clinic that day and we are told she’s also doing well.

Images below are of Meme when she was young.

Images below are of our Vet Nurses helping the puppies to feed off Roxy.