January 12, 2022

Top Tips: Why Pet Insurance?

Written by Ami from our Tauranga clinic.

Unfortunately, in New Zealand Vet clinics operate with no government subsidy but provide a similar standard of professional medical service for our animals that we as humans would receive from our own medical care. So, when an unexpected trip to the vet arises it can often leave our wallets feeling a little bare.

Due to the lack of public knowledge of what occurs within a vet clinic and the expensive specialist machines they rely on it is often a shock to a new or old pet owner to discover the cost of their pet’s emergency surgery, tooth extraction or even routine surgery.

Therefore we as medical professionals highly recommend that every pet owner should sign up with an insurance company. As the demand for insurance is rapidly increasing there are several pet insurance providers in New Zealand to go through with each one of them offering different packages and level of cover to accommodate every individual’s needs.

Insuring your pet’s health is considered being a responsible pet owner as well as an investment into their future. Often hard decisions must be made due to the lack of current finances and treatment is paused or discontinued or even lead to the decision to euthanize.  Medical care does come with a cost and it can be a challenge so having insurance not only helps a life, it saves the bank balance from that expected bill.

For advice on pet insurance, please enquire with one of our staff members at Tauranga Te Puna Katikati Papamoa Village Vets – we have a number of providers and can help you select the best for your needs.