Our puppy and kitten promotion is in full swing, I truly have the best job! Our team are meeting gorgeous new family additions and helping them to become valued family members.

While a puppy or kitten’s disposition is partly genetics, their environment and what they’re exposed to is crucial.  Between 3-12 weeks for puppies and 2-7 weeks for kittens are critical socialization periods. It’s proven that kittens handled for 40mins/day by 4 or more people (male, female, adults and children) will grow into much friendlier cats.  For dogs, it’s critical to expose them to everything that you want to be ‘normal’ in later life. Time spent now is an investment in their future!

Expose them to:

  • Vacuum cleaners, washing machines, driers
  • Bursting balloons (simulates fireworks/thunder)
  • Carpets, wood floors, lino
  • Wet/dry food, although long term dry food is best
  • Car journeys – short initially but daily
  • Cat carriers & different litter materials
  • People of different ages and appearances
  • We also have sound CD’s that you can borrow which will help socialize your puppy.

Handling your pet all over is also important. Ensure you play with their feet, toes, ears, check their mouths and clean their teeth. If this is routine, life will be less stressful later at the vets or when medicating.  Ensure your puppy has some time alone, so that they learn this is ok.

There are many behavioral issues encountered with puppies that we can help resolve – and we are happy to help! In addition, we run 4 week puppy classes which are invaluable for socialization.

If you have a new fur baby, give us a call to hear about our amazing puppy and kitten promotion – we would love to meet you!

Nina Smith BVSc