It has been 6 months since the opening of the new Papamoa Village Vets branch. What a fun filled 6 months the Papamoa Village Vets staff have had. They have had a great time meeting all the Papamoa residents with their lovely pets and catering to all of their needs. Since opening, the clinic has experienced a number of interesting cases, held its first puppy school class and been involved in the Papamoa Santa Parade which Papa-Moa himself also attended.

There have been a number of interesting cases come through the Papamoa clinic since its opening. From dogs with large lumps that need to be removed, rabbits with teeth issues, and also a beautiful cat with a very rare joint condition. They are all doing very well after their treatment. In some of these cases they have needed to be transported to the Tauranga branch in the transport van to have their diagnostic treatment performed. They have then been returned safe and sound to the Papamoa Village branch. It has been very rewarding to see the services Papamoa Village Vets provides put into practice and work so well with the patients and clients.

The clinic has seen many puppies come through its doors for their first vaccinations which meant that Papamoa Village Vets could get together its first ever Puppy School Class. Puppy School is a great idea as socialisation of a young puppy is very important. Like human children, puppies are not born with the social skills that they require to live with their family, be that a canine family or a human one. The term “socialisation” in simple terms means the learning process that a puppy must undergo in order to learn key life skills to ensure that it is happy and confident in its environment. We ask a huge amount from our dogs in their role as a companion animal, as not only do they need to understand humans and the human world, they also need to become fluent in the language of dog. This involves having pleasant social interactions with adults, children, vets, adult dogs and other animals, as well as careful exposure to different situations in the environment like traffic, crowds, travelling in the car, vacuum cleaners and any sights and sounds it will have to cope with in life. It is so important that this is done thoroughly and correctly when your puppy is still young and they are young enough to happily accept new things. This socialisation period is between 8 – 16 weeks. This is the time to put them through puppy school which exposes them to other people, a different environment and of course other puppies. The class is comprised of 4 1 hour classes held on Wednesday evening at the Papamoa Village Vets clinic.

Papamoa held its first Santa Parade at the end of November 2014 which Papamoa Village Vets took part in. The staff dressed up as various types of animals including a cat, a pig, a rabbit and cows. They were also accompanied by Mr Papa-Moa himself who was riding in our Santa sleigh. You can now meet Mr Papa-Moa in the Papamoa Village Vets clinic where he is a constant talking point.

Papamoa Village Vets thanks the support of the Papamoa community thus far and look forward to catering to all of your pets needs in the future.