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Tauranga Vets has a long history of helping keep animals healthy in the Bay of Plenty since the region’s first veterinary service was introduced in the early 1940’s.

Our depth and breadth of resource, makes us the largest Veterinary provider in the Western Bay of Plenty. We have four integrated clinics and a team of highly skilled and experienced veterinarians, some of whom are farmers in their own time. We understand your business and the pressures you’re under during key periods of the farming calendar.

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We can be an invaluable extra pair of hands for you at calving and lambing and help you identify areas of animal health improvement for your farm. Getting the animal health basics right can boost your production as well as the financial returns you receive at the farm gate.

Our clinics offer a complete veterinary service, along with consultancy on herd production, mating, mastitis, nutrition, lameness, support for young stock and trace element and mineral advice.

We also competitively supply Restricted Veterinary Medicines, exclusive veterinary animal health products such as worm drenches, ectoparasiticides, mineral supplements, metabolic treatments, electrolytes and animal equipment.

We provide a complete on farm veterinary service:

  • General medicine and surgery for sick or injured animals
  • Obstetrics: calving and lambing
  • Prescription and dispensing of animal remedies
  • Whole herd and individual vaccinations, including advice on the most appropriate protocols, either for your commercial herd or flock, or your lifestyle farm.
  • Ultrasound pregnancy testing for cattle, deer, sheep, pigs and alpacas.
  • Manual pregnancy testing
  • Reproductive advice and programs for all classes of livestock, including in-calf consultations
  • Mastitis management and consultancy advice for dairy herds
  • Diagnostic blood sampling and testing
  • Mineral trace element testing
  • Facial eczema spore counting and management advice