Your Equine animal health professional

We are an equine care provider, providing first opinion medicine and ambulatory service to our community across Tauranga and the Western Bay. This growing area of our practice is serviced by a team of experienced Large Animal Veterinarians who have additional training in Equine.

Medical and surgical problems are dealt with in a timely and compassionate way. We use our industry contacts to give you an affordable referral service with access to equine specialists for in-depth treatment.

Preventative health programmes such as wellness, teeth, vaccination and parasitic programs can be tailored to your needs.

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Equine health in Tauranga – All your needs are covered

Equine team

Dr Dave O’Brien comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience in both large and small animal fields. Dave graduated from Massey University 2003 with a Double Major Bachelor of Animal Science and Zoology. After graduating, Dave worked for Massey University Equine Research for three years, conducting research into protecting horses from bone related causes of lameness. He went on to begin Vet School in 2006. Dave also has a Certification in Bovine Artificial Insemination and has collaborated on a number of published equine research papers.

Courtney Norton works at the Katikati clinic in her Vet Nurse role and is also our Equine Technologist. Courtney completed her Veterinary Technology studies at Massey University and tracked Equine in her final year.

Equine services

Equestrian supplies such as veterinary exclusive wormers, shampoos and nutritional supplements are available in our Tauranga, Te Puna and Katikati clinics.

We offer you and your horses:

  • Consultations and visits for illness, lameness, injuries, colic, vaccinations, worming and referral to specialists when required.
  • Routine dentistry
  • Health management programs and products
  • Vaccination programs and parasite control advice
  • Information about equine health
  • Lameness and poor performance exams
  • Portable digital radiography
  • Portable ultrasonography
  • Endoscopy
  • Dentistry
  • Reproductive services
  • General medicine service
  • Access to dedicated equine facilities for safe handling and examination of horses
  • Afterhours service
  • Close working relationship with referral equine clinic