Tauranga Veterinary Services is proud to support Healthy Pets New Zealand, a charity which supports research into improved health and welfare for Kiwi pets.

Tauranga Vets has supported Healthy Pets New Zealand for a few years, in a partnership where the business and its generous clients donate money for research into improved health and welfare. The charity is run by veterinary professionals who give their time and care deeply about the health and well-being of Kiwi pets.

The donation is money that the charity welcomes and needs, as although New Zealand has fewer infectious diseases than many countries, our pets face their own unique challenges and our country has little government funding in this area.

Established by the New Zealand Veterinary Association’s Companion Animal Branch, the charity has been funding research into the big health and welfare issues facing Kiwi pets since 1988. The charity raises funds through sponsorships, bequests and donations for outcome focused research that makes a difference to the lives of Kiwi pets and their owners. Their research helps to improve care, and results in new and better diagnostic investigation and treatment options.

Find out more about the organisation here – http://healthypets.org.nz/