Please read an article by Vet Dr Adrienne Robins and Equine Technologist Courtney Norton around the importance of Equine Dental Examinations here. 

At Tauranga Vets we are experts in our field and passionate about our work. We also have the knowledge to address and resolve many of the dental health issues your horse may be experiencing.

Horses teeth continuously grow and can wear down unevenly. This creates sharp points, which if left causes ulcers. Ulcers and sharp points are painful leading to decreased food intake, dropping of food, and ill-behaviour.

Make sure the oral health of your horse remains in optimal condition, with our Equine Dental Offer.

Only $150 plus mileage

The special offer includes an individualised dental procedure, sedation, dental charting and a basic health check.

Why is the oral health of my horse important?

Regular dental check-ups are essential to the on-going health of your horse. The general health and condition of your horse starts with good nutrition. Optimising good nutrition relies on healthy teeth that do their job well.

Often if a horse is experiencing dental problems, there won’t be many signs. A disease might be well advanced before your horse shows any problems. Gingivitis, periodontal disease, chipped or fractured teeth, dental caries, and malocclusions all can be detected with a regular oral exam.  The earlier these problems are diagnosed, the simpler and more effective the treatment will be.

However there are also more obvious indications your horse may have dental problems, and these include:

  • Carrying the head to one side
  • Drooling or foaming
  • Bad odour
  • Head tossing
  • Spilling grain while eating
  • Spitting out little cuds of grass or hay
  • Head shy
  • Odd way of chewing or holding jaw and tongue

If you want to make sure the oral health of your horse is optimal, get in touch with us at our Katikati clinic on 07 549 0215.