6 06, 2017

Immunity for Horses and Ponies

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With the recent cold and wet weather, we want to ensure our horse and pony’s immunity levels are the best they can be.  The best support of your horse’s immunity is ensuring they are healthy, have low stress levels and are fed a nutritionally complete diet.
Enhancing Immunity:
To maintain good health, ensure your horse is free of internal parasites burdens. Ensure you utilise effective worming programs and reduce worm burdens in pasture by picking up faeces and

4 07, 2014

Bullies in the neighbourhood

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When the cat is staying inside more often curled up asleep on the bed, it’s a sure sign that winter is here and that the days are shorter, colder and wetter.

We often think that puss has been snuggled on the couch all night but this may not always be the case. As the evening emerges, puss will often venture outside to patrol his or her territory and look out any other cat

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