Is your cat or dog over 6? Book an Adult Wellness Check and Save! Our Adult Wellness Checks make providing the best care for your cat or dog simple and more affordable.

Have you noticed changes in your pet as they become older? Perhaps they have become slower, changed weight, or you may have noticed a general stiffness or changes in their appetite or thirst? Just like us humans, our pets present similar age-related changes as they grow older. You may have put these changes down to them “just being old.” However, because our pets can’t talk to us or tell us how they are feeling, it is important to become really ‘tuned into’ them and their behaviours and understand that certain changes mean certain things.

Our Senior Wellness Check Promotion is now on. The check-up is priced at $125 but valued at over $200. It includes a comprehensive all over physical exam (including teeth), diagnostic blood test and worming treatment.  If you have any questions, or would like to book, please do not hesitate to call us at Tauranga, Katikati, Te Puna and Papamoa Village Vets on 0800 838 7267.

Our teams will work together with you to decide what is best for your individual situation, so that you and your pet can enjoy their senior, golden years comfortably.