Lifestyle seminars

It’s a growing trend for people to swap their urban lifestyles for the chance to live off the land on lifestyle blocks in the country. Most want to rear stock for consumption or simply for the pleasure that owning animals can bring.

The high number of lifestyle blocks in our district and the demand among owners for information on how to better manage pasture and successfully feed stock has prompted us to host seminars on these topics.
Our seminars educate owner/operators on how to get the most out of their lifestyle blocks. Previous events have highlighted what’s involved in growing highly productive pastures, soil fertility and common animal health problems affecting livestock and how to control them.

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Puppy Preschool

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We aim to offer you the skills to create a kind, loving, obedient and trustworthy bond with your new puppy that means your relationship can flourish. Our puppy classes, held over four evening sessions, will give you the tools to ensure he or she becomes a polite, well-behaved canine citizen that you will enjoy.

Our group sessions are small and the topics we cover include toilet training your puppy, basic training, simple dog commands, nutrition, parasite control, vaccinations, oral care, desexing information and problem solving. It’s also a great way to let your puppy interact with other puppies of various size and shape.
All you need to bring with you is your puppy on a lead and a smile. Classes cost $85.00.

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